Driveway Diva

A Singing Telegram for the 21st Century.

Simple, affordable, effective, memorable and totally personal.

Surprise them with a specially selected live performance of a favourite song or songs, performed for them outside their home, whilst maintaining social distancing.

A spectacular addition to a small gathering, or simply a doorstep surprise.

Prices start at £50.

Below are a few ideas, but to discuss your specific requirements, please send a message through the contact page or alternatively you can contact Maddie via Facebook.

Maddie Cole belts out the biggest 80s power ballads and rock anthems in All About the 80s


The perfect surprise for a milestone birthday... or any birthday for that matter! Chose the perfect song to show them you care, something they love, perhaps the number one when they were born, or a trio of songs to get the party started. 

Happy Birthday can usually be worked in to the song as an unexpected surprise.


A romantic gesture for your partner or a gift to the happy couple. Perhaps their first dance, poignant songs from their years of marriage, a song to mark the number of years or a nod to the traditional anniversary gift.

Driveway Diva is the perfect gift for the couple who have everything.

Special Announcements

"Will You Marry Me?", "It's a Boy", "It's a Girl", "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?". "We're going to Disneyland"... the list is endless.

The Driveway Diva can surprise them with a song that incorporates your special announcement to make that moment truly memorable.